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Jesus Hot - Road Evil superfucking speedy motherfucker 6.0 liters motor, dick equiped, ass BURNING GIANT.
...further more:
- The Road Evil comes to momma with 6.0 liters V-13 engine with NEW supersexy swinging condom with overload camshafts and 666 valves!
- The seats are made of originaly striped skin of NIGER.
- New gear shift systems gives a lot of comfort for GIRLS.
- Back seat originaly adapted for sex in the morning.
- Turbocharger delivers porverfull performance during HOT events
(when you piss off 1 or TWO pedestrians)
- Jesus Hot basic warranty is for 13 pissed off pedestrians.
- The automatic climate-control system provides plenty of warmed or cooled air to all right places (you KNOW these places ass licker)!

STANDART EQUIPEMENT: dead cat, heated CAZO 245/45 R19, 305/66 R24 BOOT'S for death + much more fun for SADO – MAZO admirers!
...... enjoy yourself with RIGHT hand SUCKER... SEE JAA on the ROAD

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