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Addicted To Vaginal Skin

A relapse of my body
Sends my mind into multiple seizures
Psychologically a new human being
One that has never been

Cursed by the shamen his voodoo spell has my soul
My limbs
go numb
I can't control my own thought
Are his now
his evil consuming me
ever telling me
begin the clit carving

Slowly turning me, into a flesh eating zombie
Knowing this spell can only be broken
by the vaginal skins of young women
I proceed to find the meat
their bleeding cunts will set me free
Warmth seeping from this
After I sucked the blood from her ass

I feel more alive
more alive than I've ever been
Even though now I'm dead within

My mouth drools
As I slice your perinium
My body smeared
With the guts I've extracted
through her hole, came swollen organs
cunnilingus with the mutilated

My spirit returned from the dead
Released by the priest
but I felt more real
when I was dead

The curse is broken
I have a dependence on vaginal skin
It's become my sexual addiction
I must slit, the twitching clit
Rotted cavity hold the juice

Between the legs, I love to carve
My cock is dripping with her blood

Gas outta my ass

I like to pass gas, 
Outta my ass, 
I am thinking "Yay", 
When people run away, 
I like to fart. Farts are cool 
they smell like poo, 
The Amish are good at it, too, 
It makes my whole house smell, 
When I go pell-mell, 
Sometimes it hurts my ass, 
When I pass the gas, 
My cousin is cool, 
He has a great tool, 
He talks to someone for a while, 
Then farts while they speak their reply, 
Then he walks away, 
To keep the fart at bay. 
I like to fart.

Fart Rap Song

Iww, you fot-ted, I heard it, don't lie 
Iww, you fot-ted, it smelled, like my: 
rotten egg and a piece of toast 
ham and peanut butter and a big fat roast 
matzoh meal and spoiled veal 
sugar coated candy and lobster tail 
corn on the cob, beans in the can 
Light and Lively ice cream and Hungry Man 
Vi-enna Fingers, Lipton Iced Tea and a pound or more of spoiled meat 
tasty cakes made by Drakes, Frosted Flakes, Lipton's 
Cup O' Noodles and Sizzler's steaks 
Naucho cheese, spinach leaves, and green peas, 
Spam in the can and Hot Tamales.

Bilio Piligrimo dainel i Slaughterhouse no5 (Kurtas Vonegutas)

In my prison cell I sit
With my britches full of shit,
And my balls are
Gently bouncing on the flour.

And I see the bloody snag
When she bits me into bag.
God! I'll never fuck the Polack


Here Im sitting broken-hearted
tried to shit but only farted.


Some come here to sit and think,
some come here to shit and stink,
But I come here to scratch my balls
and read the filth on toilet walls.

Pretty fly for a President

You know its kinda hard just to have affairs today,
Our subject isn't cute, but he thinks it anyway,
He may have a wife, and a really cheesy smile,
But all that sex with Monica....
He in total DENIAL!
So don't debate,
He keeps it straight,
You know he always, got it everyday.
He copped a feel, and kept it real,
For Hil no way, for Hil no way,
He thought his trick,
Was pretty slick,
Until Mon got caught messin with his dick,
Now that's just the beginnig you see, so
Hey! Hey! do that sexy thing!
Give it to me Billy..... Uh Huh Uh Huh
Give it to me Billy..... Uh Huh Uh Huh
Give it to me Billy..... Uh Huh Uh Huh
"And all the interns say I'm pretty fly for a president"

Now he's gettiin a Blo Job Oh Yeah,
He's gettin it done,
He thought she was 16,
But she's really 21!
Friends say its really just cool,
To suck the Pres' dick,
But the rest of the world,
Just thinks it's pretty sick!
Give it to me Billy..... Uh Huh Uh Huh
Give it to me Billy..... Uh Huh Uh Huh
Give it to me Billy..... Uh Huh Uh Huh
"And all the interns say I'm pretty fly for a president


Put your hands down, bitch, I ain't gonna shoot you
I'm gonna pull YOU to this bullet and put it thru you! (ahhhh!)
Shut up, Slut! You're causing too much chaos
Just bend over and take like a slut...ok ma!


Bitch, I'm-a kill you!
You don't wanna fuck with me, girls leave, you ain't nothin' but a slut to
Bitch, I'm-a kill you!
You ain't got the balls to beef, we ain't never stop beefin', an' I squash
the beef
You better kill me

from Bathory

And when your body, burnt to dust,
Is spread by midnight breeze
I've gotta find another girl
To satisfy my needs

I'll tie her up and then once more
the all carressing flames
shall rise again to light the night
And she will scream of pain

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